Did you know that about 35% of consumers in the United States use Google multiple times a week to find a local business online? Considering the population of the United States is over 330 million, that’s hundreds of millions of searches every week. Furthermore, since most people carry an iPhone or other smart device with them at all times, Google can pinpoint your exact location and cater your search results based on that location. This makes the importance of local SEO for dentists crucial if you want your dental practice to stand out amongst competitors locally and ensure your practice shows up first in search results.

What is Local SEO for Dentists?

Along with local directory and online reputation management, location-based keywords are the three pillars of a solid local SEO strategy. Location-based keywords let Google and other search engines know that they need to display your website when people search for a dentist in your area. Of course, you are not the only dental practice fighting for virtual real estate on the internet, so you need to be smart about the keywords you choose.

For instance, if 20 dental practices are using and ranking for “dental implants in Scottsdale, AZ,” you would want to target that specific keyphrase. However, you also want to select additional variations and similar phrases to claim the top listing for the most searched variations of those keywords. Variations could be phrases like “missing teeth in Scottsdale” or “Scottsdale implant dentist.” You need to conduct proper keyword research and add location-based keywords to your website. However, please do not overdo it. It won’t flow well if your copy is stuffed with city and state terms. Keep the reader in mind while creating quality content that the search engines can index. Content is king, but to optimize local SEO for dentists properly, you must ensure your content is focused on quality and providing value to your potential patients.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Local SEO for dentists, please call our office to arrange a free strategy session with a senior dental marketing specialist. We would be glad to provide a free assessment of your current website, deliver actionable intelligence on how you can perform better online, analyze your competitors, and help you formulate a strategy for digital domination online.

How Do Blog Posts Help With Local SEO?

At Accelerate Dental Marketing, we include weekly blog posts with our SEO services. Why? Because we know Google rewards websites that provide a wealth of quality information to website visitors and those searching for dental-related services in your area. These blog posts also allow us to target additional keywords and their long-tail variations to ensure our dentists capitalize on various search queries that real people in their area are searching online. It also helps our clients create a website that acts as an educational resource and maintains their dominance as an authority on a wide variety of dental-related topics online.

When your website provides a wealth of educational and informational content, Google sees you as an authority in your field and rewards you accordingly with preferred rankings in search engines. To help with local SEO, we also include geographic locations where you practice to draw in local consumers. Local SEO for dentists is designed to get people in your area to see your blog posts, find answers to their questions, and educate themselves on their dental concerns before they even step into your office. An educated patient will then save you precious time during your intake, as they will already have most of the answers they are seeking before stepping into your chair. We also accomplish this with dental educational videos included in our program at no additional cost.

Request A Free Consultation With A Seasoned Dental Marketing Expert

If you are interested in local SEO for dentists, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated dental marketing consultants. Our consultations offer free, comprehensive strategy sessions that are easy to understand and interpret, regardless of the extent of your technical background. These are not sales representatives that work off commission. They are seasoned professionals with no less than 15 years of direct search engine optimization experience and the credentials and certifications to back it up. We promise you will walk away with a better understanding of your current performance and actionable intelligence on how to improve your overall web presence online with local SEO and a variety of dental marketing strategies. Contact us today and start experiencing success online.

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