Educational Dental eBooks

Are you looking for ways to generate more interest in your dental practice?

One of the things we have done to improve our dental marketing programs over the years has to do with the addition of definitive guides, content-rich blog posts, and educational dental eBooks that rank extremely well for every topic covered in them.

Dental eBooks | educational eBooks for DentistsGoogle has always rewarded good content, but today Google really rewards comprehensive, educational content that provides real value to their users. We make it easy to create definitive dental guides, and eBooks that identify and answer any questions potential patients may have about a specific dental issue they are facing, or treatment you offer.

Next, we add your new eBooks to the corresponding pages on your dental practice’s website and make sure potential patients have the opportunity to submit their email to get a free copy, along with related educational videos. This is all done for you automatically.

This content is then delivered via email in regularly scheduled intervals, constantly driving potential patients back to your website, and keeping your practice top-of-mind. This greatly improves efficiency and frees up a lot of your time, because all your best educational content is delivered right to your patients automatically. This is called email nurturing.

Due to this automation, by the time your patients are ready to schedule their initial consultation, they are better informed, prepared, and already know what to expect. If you want individual practice area eBooks created for your dental practice, please give us a call. Our SEO clients receive eBook design and publishing, as well as our automated email nurturing system at no additional charge.

The results have been truly amazing.

How Can eBooks Help Automate Your Patient Education?

How It Works:

  1. First, your website visitors sign up to receive some free educational content related their dental treatment of choice.
  2. Next, our system automatically sends these potential new patients custom content (eBooks, videos, blogs, etc.) at regularly scheduled intervals, continuously keeping your practice top of mind, and driving them back to your website.
  3. Through this educational process, these potential patients learn more about their dental treatment, become familiar with the doctors at your practice, and have a better understanding of how you would approach their specific oral health issue.
  4. Automated email nurturing keeps website visitors engaged and drives more interest in your practice, ultimately leading to more new patients.

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