Website Live Chat Service for Dentists

If you want to increase your leads, boost revenue, and improve customer satisfaction, it’s time to incorporate website live chat service. These services work 24/7, so you can generate leads at any time of the day or night. Many of the commercial dental practices have incorporated live chat on their websites, and that’s one of the reasons they manage to get so many patients. By adding live chat to your site, you won’t have to worry about losing out. You can compete with practices of all sizes and stand out due to the one-on-one patient care you offer.

Learn some of the benefits of website live chat service for dentists and find out what you need to include when using live chat.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Website Live Chat for Dentists?

Immediate Answers to Questions, Day or Night

Dental Website Live Chat Service 247 Website Live Chat For Dentists - Web ChatOnly responding by phone creates two significant problems. First, your business is only open during certain hours. If your receptionist is tasked with answering all phone calls, people cannot get an immediate response when they ask questions outside of office hours. If they can’t get an answer from your practice, they might look elsewhere.

Second, even if people call during business hours, they probably won’t get their questions answered immediately. Your dental practice is busy, and your receptionist might have to put callers on hold. This can annoy patients and cause them to hang up. Seventy-nine percent of consumers state that they prefer live chat because they get their questions answered immediately, so you should consider incorporating live chat on your website.

Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate refers to the number of people who leave your site without clicking on any of the other pages. They typically visit your site and leave immediately. Reducing your bounce rate is a critical component of increasing your appointments. The longer someone stays on your site, the more likely he or she will make an appointment. Website live chat services have shown to drastically reduce bounce rates. People enjoy clicking on the chat window and getting an immediate response. They can find what they need without digging around, so they are likely to stick around.

Fewer Missed Opportunities

Whenever someone visits your website, he or she represents an opportunity to schedule an appointment or get a lead. If you have website live chat services, you’re more likely to cash in on those opportunities. Websites with live chat services are much more likely to generate leads and book appointments than those without the service. The chat window pops up when visitors reach the site, and they can interact with it immediately. The staff that runs the website live chat service is trained to convert visitors, so you can expect your leads and appointments to increase dramatically.

Free Up Your Phone Lines

You can’t stop using the phone altogether, but you would like to free up your phone lines so people can get through when they call. By enabling website live chat service, your phone lines won’t be nearly as clogged. Then, when your current patients call or someone who doesn’t have online access tries to get through, your phone lines are likely to be free and clear. This will also help you improve customer satisfaction on the phone.

Learn More About Patients

Knowledge is power in the marketing world. The more you know about potential patients, the easier it is for you to serve them. This is true for every industry, including dentistry. Website live chat service includes transcripts of all conversations. You can review the transcripts and glean insight about potential patients. This will help you discover what your patients want. You can even use live chat transcripts to discover their pain points so you can address them.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

The dental industry is more competitive than ever before. You have to do everything in your power to gain a competitive advantage, and that includes adding a website live chat service. When you have live chat on your website, you will stand out from other websites in your area that don’t have it. People will appreciate that you’ve embraced technology and can provide them with answers immediately.

Reach the Younger Crowd

Dental Website Live Chat Service 247 Website Live Chat For Dentists - Accelerate Dental MarketingYou’ve likely seen many of the same patients for years. They love your dental practice, and they will keep coming back. Those patients are important to your practice, but to stay viable, you have to reach the younger crowd. You must bring in younger patients so you can continue to stay in business. Research has shown that younger people have embraced live chat. Many won’t even stay on a website if it doesn’t have the feature. If you want to reach a new demographic of people, it makes sense to add live chat to your website.

What Should You Include with your Website Live Chat Service?

Not all website live chat services are created equal. You need to include certain components to get the results you want. Learn more about some of the top features you should get when adding live chat to your website.

Live Chat Operators

Website live chat services come in two forms. You can choose a service with live operators or chatbots. Chatbots can answer basic questions, but the technology isn’t built to have normal conversations. If a visitor asks the bot something that it isn’t programmed to answer, it won’t meet the needs of the potential patient. Live chat, on the other hand, is much more natural. When you have an operator running the live chat on your website, you won’t have to worry about questions going unanswered or visitors getting frustrated.

Bilingual Operators

More than 13 percent of United States residents speak Spanish at home. If you choose a chat service that only uses English-speaking operators, you could lose out on some potential patients. By going with a service that provides bilingual operators, you won’t have to worry about missing out on leads. The operators can converse with English- and Spanish-speaking visitors, making it easier to fill your schedule with new patients.

Data Gathering

It’s also wise to choose a website live chat service that gathers the correct data. You need to get the name and contact information for each person who uses live chat, along with the dental issue they have. They might just need an appointment for a checkup, or they might require a root canal or a filling. Getting the information during the live chat session makes it easy for you to schedule appointments. Also, you won’t frustrate patients by asking them questions they already answered during the live chat.

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