If you are wondering how you can bring in more leads, you may be interested in our dental video content marketing services. We provide a wide variety of videos that can be used on several different platforms to improve your online performance.

Read on to learn more, and then give us a call right away to set up a free consultation with our senior dental marketing consultant to get started.

Types of Dental Video Content

Are you unsure about what kind of videos you would be able to produce? Please keep reading to find out some of the types of content we can make.

Educational Videos

People want to be informed about the procedures that they need. Having a video where they can learn about the treatment they need is important. You can walk them through the procedure and provide them with 3-D examples. For many people, this can help relieve some anxiety that they have about visiting you. It is also a chance for them to get to know you a little bit before they come in for a treatment.


A video format testimonial is a great way to spread the word about what your patients think of you. Reviews are great, and they’re even better when you can see and hear from the patients you have helped. People are very willing to trust personal recommendations, and reviews are trusted as much as having someone personally recommending a service. Search Engine Journal stated that in people from 18-34 years old, 91 percent trust reviews the same as a personal recommendation.

Where to Put Your Dental Video Content

Once you have your videos, you may wonder what to do with them. We have the answers. We put them on multiple platforms to get the best results.

Social Media

We can place your videos on your social media pages like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. If your dental practice is not already utilizing social media, it should be.

If you type in “#dentist” on Instagram, you will see a ton of content. It is a great place to post shorter videos, fun videos, or before and after videos. You can even go live on Instagram to talk to your followers.

YouTube should not be ignored. You can place full-length videos that a massive amount of people can access. Google is the owner of YouTube, and we aim to please Google to provide you with great search results. We want to place your dental video content on YouTube.

Facebook is another excellent platform for videos. People can share your videos, expanding your reach to people who may need your services.

Your Website

Videos placed on your website, especially on your landing pages, can be particularly effective. We aim to help people get leads from the videos, so we must encourage people to reach out to you if they see your videos. You can see your conversion rates rise with the use of videos on your landing pages.

Free Consultation with Our Senior Dental Marketing Consultant

If you want more information about dental video content, please call our office. Our senior dental consultant would be more than happy to provide you with a free consultation about your website and the video marketing services you can benefit from.

We also provide free website checkups to give you a deep analysis of your website. This can help you create a better marketing plan to get more leads and conversions. Reach out right away if you want to get started.

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