Display Advertising for Dentists

Paid ads are an excellent way to expand your reach online. That includes ads on the Google Display Network (GDN). The network consists of websites that run ads for marketers. Dentists normally run image ads, although you can create extremely profitable text ads, as well. The network reaches 90 percent of worldwide users, so you can attract lots of new patients with display advertising.

Before you embark on a new advertising campaign, you want to learn more about it. Learn about the benefits of display advertising, as well as some practices you need to avoid. Then you’ll be ready to take the next step.

What Are Some Benefits of Google Display Advertising?

You’ll be amazed by the numerous benefits your practice can receive by utilizing Google display advertising. Let’s go over some of the most common benefits. Keep in mind that to enjoy these benefits, you must follow the best practices for setting up and managing a campaign. Otherwise, you will end up spending money without getting the results you want.

Build Practice Awareness Without Going Over Your Budget

Remarketing Ad - Google Display Ads - Accelerate Dental Marketing
Client Display Ad – Orthodontists Associates of WNY

Google display advertising is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build practice awareness. Compared to other ad types, GDN ads are affordable, so you can show ads often without breaking your bank. Before long, countless people in your market will know about your practice.Before people can contact your practice and make an appointment, they must know that you exist. You have a strong following with your devoted patients, but you need to reach more people to ensure your practice’s longevity.

Reconnect With Visitors Using Remarketing

While many people will visit your website and make an appointment right away, others need more time to research. They might visit your website, read reviews, and spend time thinking before calling for an appointment. They also might use the internet to compare your practice to other dental practices before making a decision.

You don’t want people to forget about your practice or choose another dentist during the research stage, so display advertising is vital. You can run a remarketing campaign that displays ads to people who have visited your website. They will see your ad when they visit different sites in the search network, and that will make them more likely to go back to your site and schedule an appointment.

Display Advertising With Targeted Ads That Get Results

Your dental practice will also benefit from the targeting options available in the Google Display Network. For instance, you can choose to target a set of websites or use managed placements to select the sites that will display your ad. This is a useful tool since it allows you to target sites where your patients will visit. For instance, you can target sites that provide dental information. Then, when people are reading about the importance of cleaning their teeth, they will see an ad for your practice. They are already thinking about their dental needs, so they will likely be compelled to take action.

Client Display Ad – Douglas Hamill DDS
Client Display Ad – Douglas Hamill DDS

You can also use keyword contextual targeting or target specific types of users. If you properly target your ads, they will only display to the right people. This will improve your return on investment.

Because of the numerous targeting options, it can be confusing, though. You need to have experience with display advertising to target your ads correctly.

What Are Some Common Google Display Advertising Mistakes to Avoid?

Online marketing is complex, making it easy for the inexperienced to make mistakes. If you make mistakes when running your campaign, it won’t be effective. Let’s go over some of the most common mistakes dentists make when running display advertising campaigns.

Inappropriate Placements

Inexperienced users typically use keyword contextual targeting to set up ads. This means that you choose keywords, and the network matches those keywords to websites. Let’s say that you choose the word “dentist” since that seems like a safe bet. It will show up on websites that contain the same word, so you assume people will be interested in your practice.

However, what if your ad shows up on a website that talks about the biggest mistakes dentists have ever made and includes horrific pictures of procedures gone wrong? You don’t want your practice to be associated with such a site. This might be an extreme example, but these types of things happen when people don’t understand how to use display advertising. You have to be very careful when targeting, so you don’t send the wrong message to potential patients.

Showing Ads Too Often

Google Display Advertising Mistakes to Avoid - Showing Ads Too Often - Accelerate Dental MarketingYou want to build practice awareness with your ads, which means you need them to display on a semi-frequent basis. However, you don’t want people to see your ads every single time they visit a website. Eventually, they will get annoyed and do everything they can to tune your ads out. You need to cap the frequency, so you don’t overwhelm visitors. The frequency cap you need depends on various factors, including your targeting.

Displaying Ads to Users All Over the World

Your dental practice is a local business. You serve the people of your community, so you need to limit your ads’ reach. If you fail to use geographic targeting in your ads, people around the globe will see your ads. That will cause you to waste lots of money when running your ads. Instead, make sure you only show your ads to people who will make appointments. They should be in your community, so they can easily drive to your practice.

Failing to Match the Ad to the Landing Page

Your ad should correlate to the landing page to get conversions. If someone clicks on an ad about a special you’re running, only to land on a page that doesn’t mention the deal, you’ll lose your chance to turn that visitor into a patient.

Using Low-quality Ads

The Google Display Network is visual, so you need eye-popping and professional ads to get people to act. If you aren’t experienced in ad design, it will be hard for you to make an advertisement that will get results. On the other hand, if you understand the best practices, you can design an ad that is sure to generate interest.

Forgetting to Include a Call-to-action

While you want to build brand awareness, you also want people to act. That means you need to include a call-to-action in your ads. Don’t use something generic like “click here,” though. Instead, use powerful words that will get conversions.

Get Help With Your Google Display Advertising Campaign Today!

With so many benefits, it makes sense to set up a display advertising campaign. However, you can’t help but worry about making a mistake and losing money. Fortunately, Accelerate Dental Marketing can create and manage a professional campaign that will get results. As dental marketing specialists, we understand your needs and your market. We are also a fully transparent company. You will have access to a 24/7 analytics tracking and reporting portal, so you can check up on your campaign at any time.

Take the next step by contacting us for a free website assessment and quote. After we speak to you, we will be ready to move forward with your campaign. Regardless of the size of your practice, the campaign can help you get results.

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