Call Tracking for Dentists

While some of your patients schedule appointments online, most do so over the phone. Call tracking allows you to find out how those callers accessed your number and called you. This is critical if you’re going to maximize your marketing dollars and fill your practice with patients. Go over some of the most important benefits of call tracking for dentists. Then schedule a free consultation with Accelerate Dental Marketing.

How Can Call Tracking Help You Measure Your Return on Investment?

You know that you have to spend money to make money for your dental practice, but you also don’t want to overspend. It’s critical to track your return on investment (ROI) for your marketing efforts. Then you will know how much it costs to attract a new patient across each channel. You’ll discover that the ROI is much better for some marketing strategies for others, so you can put more money into those efforts while scaling back on other endeavors.

Call Tracking for Dental Websites - Website Call Tracking - Accelerate Dental MarketingSince 43 percent of search-related conversions happen over the phone, call tracking is necessary to determine your ROI. The system tracks each call made to your practice to the source. For instance, you can determine if a call comes from your website, paid ads, social media, or specific search networks.

Call tracking can go even further than that, though, by following the caller’s entire journey. For example, assume someone sees a search ad for your practice and clicks on your site. Then the person goes to your Facebook page and back to your website, finally making the call. You can see the complete picture, so you will understand all the steps taken – and the marketing resources used – to convert the caller into a patient. When you have this type of information, it’s much easier to optimize your marketing dollars. Before long, you’ll be able to increase your ROI.

How Does Call Tracking Help You Shorten the Conversion Funnel?

Since you can follow the customer journey with call tracking, you can also shorten the conversion funnel. For instance, if you find that most of your callers start with Google, visit your website, go to your Facebook page, and then read reviews on Yelp, you can tighten up the funnel by providing more information on your website. You can include your social media feeds and reviews on the website, so people will have everything they need right there. Then they won’t have to spend as much time researching your practice. They can visit your website and call. By shortening the funnel, you’ll get more calls.

Can You Improve Ad Scheduling with Call Tracking?

With the insights gleamed from call tracking, we can schedule your ads, so they only display when they generate the most leads. This is a way to save money since you won’t have to pay for clicks at times you’re less likely to receive calls. Call tracking allows you to find out when your ads are the most effective. Then the we optimize your advertising campaign to show your ads when they are most likely to bring patients into your practice. This will also help you increase your ROI for your ads.

Learn to Speak Your Patients’ Language With Call Tracking

Call tracking can also track the keywords people searched before calling your practice. This is very valuable. When you determine the keywords people are most likely to search for before dialing your practice, you can optimize your marketing campaigns. Including those keywords on your website and ad copy will help you get more calls. Finally, you’ll speak your patients’ language and get the results you want.

Why Is It Important to Analyze the Time Per Call?

Call tracking also allows you to find out the average time each caller spends on the phone with your practice or dental answering service. The average length of each call allows you to gain insight into your marketing efforts. Most calls to dental practices should be relatively short. People call to make appointments or ask quick questions. However, if your average call is 5 minutes or longer, it means something is missing from your marketing efforts. Your website likely doesn’t provide enough information, so people must call your practice and ask lots of questions. Then they use those answers to decide if they want to visit your practice. By providing more information online, you will warm leads before they pick up the phone. That can help you get more patients. It will also reduce the strain on your receptionist or answering service.

Can You Gather Geographical Data With Call Tracking?

As a dental practice, you serve the local market. If your practice is in St. Louis, Missouri, you will not serve patients in Omaha, Nebraska. Call tracking allows you to see the geographic location of each caller. If your practice is getting calls from people outside of the service area, you know you need to fine-tune your marketing campaign. You need to boost your local SEO efforts, so you only reach the people in your market that will schedule an appointment at your practice. Once you do this, two things will happen.

First, you will increase your ROI since you won’t waste money advertising outside of your service area.

Second, since your efforts will be concentrated in one area, you should see an increase in conversions. It’s amazing what happens when your marketing efforts reach the right people.

What Are The Benefits of Call Tracking?

Improve Customer Service

Benefits of Website Call Tracking - Accelerate Dental MarketingWith call tracking, you can analyze the phone call conversion rate. Then you will know if your customer service efforts are lacking. For example, if only one of 10 callers schedule an appointment, that’s a sign that your receptionist isn’t compelling people to visit your office.

You can take this further by having your call tracking service record and score phone calls. Then you will find out what your receptionist is doing right and wrong. With proper training, your receptionist can start booking more appointments for your practice.

Follow up With Leads

Since call tracking gathers data, you can follow up with people who didn’t schedule an appointment. Maybe you are running a special at your dental practice, and you think that person would be a good fit for it. You can have your receptionist call the person and try to make an appointment. You’ll find that you can book lots of appointments with follow-up calls when you use a call tracking service.

Optimize Your Campaigns With Split Testing

Split testing is one of the most beneficial marketing strategies out there. This is the process of testing marketing campaigns to see which one converts better. For example, you can create PPC ads with the same message but different headlines or calls-to-action to see which converts better. You can even create landing pages for your website with different headlines as part of your split testing campaign. With call tracking, it’s much easier to see which campaign performs better. If you want to optimize your marketing efforts, call tracking is a must.

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