Your reception likely has much to do in the day aside from handling phone calls. There are patients to greet, papers to file, and likely a dozen other tasks that your receptionist could prioritize. Having an answering service for dentists can let your reception do other tasks without having to worry about stretching themselves too thin.

Please keep reading to learn about the many advantages your practice can benefit from if you have an answering service.

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Top Benefits of an Answering Service for Dentists

Do you want to learn more about answering services before committing to the service? Please keep reading to learn about the top six benefits your dental practice can have if you add this marketing service.

#1 Low-Cost Service

Adding on an answering service for dentists is a low-cost service that provides you with so many benefits that it can practically pay for itself. It can be a 24/7 service that can help you get more patients in your office, resulting in better business.

#2 Don’t Miss Out on Leads

Forbes reported that 80% of people do not leave voicemails when no one picks up. If someone calls your office while your receptionist checks a patient in, steps away for a bathroom break, etc., you could lose that lead.

When someone is looking around for a dentist, and they get sent to voicemail, odds are they are going to call someplace else who will answer their phone.

An answering service for dentists can prevent this from happening.

#3 Schedule Appointments Immediately

When you have an answering service for dentists, people who call in looking for an appointment can get one scheduled right on the spot. Your receptionist does not have to play phone tag if they miss a call from a potential lead. The answering service can help you get more patients scheduled.

#4 Follow-Up Calls for Patient Satisfaction

Many of your patients who come in for dental work such as root canals, wisdom tooth extractions, etc., will appreciate a follow-up call. Your receptionist may not have time to personally call each patient to follow up with them after their treatment.

An answering service for dentists does just that. You can ensure your existing patients feel important and cared for even after leaving your office. You can call them to see how they are doing and if they have any issues. If they have complications, your answering service can help them make a follow-up appointment.

#5 Provide Directions for Patients

When your receptionist is tied up with checking in patients or any of their other many tasks, it can be very tedious to provide patients with directions to your office. While most people have Google Maps or navigations on their smartphones, many people still need help finding their way to an office, especially if it’s in a larger complex or the directions online aren’t very clear.

Your answering service can help people navigate to your office, saving your receptionist precious time.

#6 Prevent No-Shows

Reminder phone calls before your patients’ appointments can help prevent you from having no-shows, which can cost your practice money.

Your receptionist won’t have to worry about making a call for every single patient coming in to remind them of their appointment. You can utilize your answering service to accomplish this.

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