Are you seeing 8-12 patients each day your office is open? If you are not, you are seeing less than what experts say you should be seeing. Your practice likely losses patients every year, which means you need to keep bringing in new patients if you want to see growth in your practice. There are many benefits of paid ads for dentists, and helping you create new leads is one of the many benefits.

Please keep reading to learn what paid ads can do for your dental practice.

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The Benefits of Paid Ads for Dentists

If you want to know what paid ads can do for your dental practice, please keep reading. There are many benefits that can provide you with meaningful results. If you are interested in paid ads, please give our senior dental marketing consultant a call right away to request your free consultation.

Immediate Results

Other marketing strategies such as SEO can take some time to develop before you see meaningful results. Paid ads for dentists can give you immediate results. You may see an increase in new leads the same day you launch your ads, which puts you in the thick of your competition.

Your account must be adequately managed and maintained in order for you to be able to show up at the top of search engine results right away. We can help you.

Increase Phone Calls

If you want your phones to start ringing more, dental ads are a great way to accomplish that. Did you know that Google Ads helps their customers receive over 40 million calls every month?

You can start getting phone calls from your paid ads when you set up a call feature. New calls can lead to new appointments.

Common Mistakes

Paid ads for dentists are a skill that needs to be honed before it can be leveraged successfully. Not everyone who attempts to create paid ads is going to be able to do it well. We have a deep understanding of what needs to happen to help you get the benefits you are looking for. Please keep reading to learn about some of the most common mistakes with paid dental ads.

Generic Keywords

If you are spending money on ads, it is important to do so wisely. A huge mistake people make with paid ads for dentists is using generic keywords.

Your keywords will be the words and phrases you target to get people to see your ads. For example, if you do porcelain veneers in Scottsdale, AZ, you may use words and phrases that people would actually search for, such as “Scottsdale veneers.”

If you use keywords like “dentist” or “veneer,” you are not likely to reach people who are looking for a dentist to help them get veneers. This would be a waste of your time and marketing budget.

Mimicking Competitors

An imitation is a form of flattery, not a practical strategy for paid ads. If you want paid ads for dentists to succeed, do not copy what the competition is doing. Being creative can draw someone’s attention. You don’t want to blend into your competition. You want to be able to stand out.

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