Have you been wanting to grow your practice, but you aren’t sure why your marketing plan is not working? Here are three of the most common dental marketing mistakes that can hold you back from getting the growth that you need. Please keep reading to learn how you can improve your marketing plan. We also provide free website checkups to help you learn about the health of your website.

No One Monitors Your Marketing Campaigns

If no one is tasked with making sure your marketing campaigns are tracked, this is a huge error that should be rectified right away. Research and monitoring your marketing campaigns can save you time and money by showing which campaigns are worth investing in.

We monitor your marketing campaigns to make sure we are not wasting our time on campaigns that are not giving you any benefits. It also helps us identify what people are connecting with. We make it easy for you to improve your marketing campaigns by doing all of the heavy liftings for you.

You Aren’t Bringing Back Past Patients

One of the biggest dental marketing mistakes is a lack of connection to past patients. Bringing in new patients is great, but if people are not coming back to you, that can be a problem.

There are many ways you can encourage patients to return. Email marketing can help you connect with past patients. You can send them reminders to come in for annual cleanings. You can also send them any deals or specials that you are running. Keeping communication up with them can encourage them to return.

You can also encourage them to download a mobile app. Once you are a part of their phone, you are a part of their life. They are likely to come back to you if they see your app while on their phone daily.

Cultivating trust and respect with patients is also important in getting patients to want to return. When you have an answering service, they can make follow-up calls to your patients after their treatment to see how they are doing. This lets them know that you care about them for more than their wallet.

You Are Investing in the Wrong Methods

If you have been funneling money into your marketing with very little return on investment, you are likely investing in the wrong methods. It is important for you to have someone monitoring your marketing campaigns. If you have spent a lot of money on radio ads, billboards, and TV commercials but it is not getting you any more business, it is likely time to change things up.

Sometimes the problem is that you are not using the right platforms for your marketing campaigns. Other times, these marketing campaigns may be more successful with updates to the tone, message, and verbiage. We can help you fine-tune your marketing program to make sure you are not wasting time or money.

Request a Free Website Checkup Today

If you have been struggling to make your website bring in more business, please reach out to us today. We can help you avoid dental marketing mistakes. We would be happy to help you learn about what is holding your website back from being successful. Request a free website checkup from us today.

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