Have you been wondering what you can do to improve your marketing strategy for your dental practice? Our dental call tracking service may be of interest to you. Please keep reading to learn more about how we can help improve your practice’s marketing plan.

If you want to get an in-depth examination of your website to see how you can improve it, please reach out to us to request a free website checkup.

Better Customer Service

Did you know that most businesses believe that their biggest sources of leads are their phone calls? If you want to improve your leads, having dental call tracking is one way to do it.

It is also a great way to improve the customer experience. When there is call tracking done, you can see what needs improving. For instance, if you see in your call tracking that a dozen calls were made to the office, but only two people made an appointment, your receptionist may not be encouraging people to schedule.

You can get to know your customer’s experience better with call tracking.

Follow Up with Potential Patients

If you notice that you had calls made to you by people who never made an appointment, you can follow up with these potential leads. When you have this service, you can increase the odds that your callers will make an appointment.

A lot of people will call around to inquire without being ready to schedule an appointment. If you were running a special for something that someone called about but never made an appointment for, being able to reach out to them again could be lucrative.

Split Testing for Optimization

Split testing essentially means trying out your campaigns to see which one is most successful. This is a great way to test which strategy would bring you the most business. If you were to have a few different campaigns going at the same time with different verbiage, split testing allows you to find out which one draws in more traction. If you are interested in finding out what marketing campaign is the best for your practice to optimize, you should absolutely reach out to us to talk about dental call tracking.

Get a Free Website Checkup Today

If you want to know how you can improve the health of your website, we urge you to reach out to request a free website checkup. We can do a full analysis of your website. This will tell you what you are missing, what you should do to improve your website, and what you should get rid of that is holding back your website. Get in touch today if you want a better marketing plan.

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