Having a conversion funnel that is optimized can help you see the difference between thriving and barely breaking even. We would love to help you learn more about how you can maximize your profits. Simply by having a website, you have a conversion funnel. Whether or not it is effective is up to you. Our senior dental marketing consultant would be happy to help you learn how you can maximize your marketing campaigns. Please keep reading to learn more, then schedule your free consultation right away.

4 Steps of the Conversion Funnel

When you picture a funnel, you may see a cone-shaped object that is designed to, for instance, help salt get into a small saltshaker. We implement this theory by funneling people through the steps that lead them to become potential patients of yours.

The four steps include building awareness, tapping into their interest, homing in on their desire, and getting them to act.

The main goal of the funnel is to get them into the proverbial saltshaker (aka turning them into a client of yours). Please keep reading to learn more about these four steps.


When you want to lead people into the conversion funnel, you must draw awareness to your dental practice. You can achieve this step by figuring out where your traffic is coming from to help you determine how you can make decisions that will increase your engagement. You may use social media, educational content, paid ads, etc., to build your brand awareness.


Having successfully started to build awareness and draw in more website visitors lets you increase interest in your services. For instance, having educational content, promotions, or even engaging videos can help you optimize your website. This step requires strategizing about what campaigns work or don’t and why. At this step in the conversion funnel, it would be a great opportunity to showcase that you are offering a promotion on Invisalign or free teeth whitening for life. You must learn what peoples’ interests are.


If someone is aware of your dental practice and is interested in your services, you now need to instill trust into this potential lead and home in on their desires. A website visitor who makes it this far is regarded as a high-quality lead. You must nurture this lead to keep them moving down the conversion funnel. Keep them interested in the services you provide and nurture their desire to seek out your help.


The quintessential step that you need to get your website visitors to take is to act. They have been making smaller steps to engage with your website, but now you need them to actually convert to a potential lead. You can accomplish this portion of the conversion funnel by inviting them to download a free eBook in exchange for their email. The end goal is to get them to turn into a potential lead, a potential patient, in your case. If you have many visitors getting up to this step but not acting, this can point to a lack of success in your funnel.

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