If you want to have a successful dental website, you need to make strategic decisions about your marketing strategies. Having a call to action is important if you want people to interact with your website and potentially turn into patients. To learn more about this, please keep reading.

We have been helping practices grow for many years and would be more than happy to help you improve your dental website to bring in new patients. Reach out to request a free website checkup from our dental marketing senior consultant.

What is a Call to Action?

Calls to action (CTA) are embedded messages on your website or any marketing material that invites the reader to take action by engaging with the request. They can vary in verbiage based on the campaign you are running, what you want from your visitors, and where they are accessing the content.

For dental websites, your CTA may invite the reader to call your office, set up an appointment, request a free consultation, etc. You can also make it simpler by inviting them to “learn more” and clicking through to input into a mailing list.

These typically lead the visitor to another page, a phone number, an eBook, etc. They are meant to improve the visitor interaction with your website to convert website visitors into patients.

According to Unbounce, over 90% of people who read the headline of your content will also read your CTA verbiage. When you have substantial traffic to your website, that can help you get a lot more of those visitors to turn into leads.

What if My Website Does Not Have a Call to Action?

Having a website that lacks a CTA means that anyone who visits your website is going to have to come up with the idea on their own to engage further. That means they will have to go hunting and searching for a way to fill out a contact form, find your eBook, or find your phone number.

The likelihood of someone who does not see a CTA deciding to act without that nudge is quite low. That is why having a CTA can help you get more leads. You will be nudging people to act in a way that leads them to contact you. Once they get that far, the odds of them becoming your new patient increases by a lot.

If your website is missing a CTA, it is probably missing a lot more that is holding you back from seeing online growth. We encourage you to reach out right away.

Other Aspects of a Successful Dental Website

Aside from a call to action on your website, it is important to bolster your page with other features to help with your online performance. Having a unique website design can help set you apart from the competition. Design and aesthetics are important if you want to stand out.

Having a live chat available on your website 24/7 can help you collect information from potential leads regardless of what time it is and where you are. You could be asleep on vacation and still get information from potential patients.

Websites that have educational content bring in more patients. People go online to find answers. If they see the answers they are looking for on your website, and they will know that you can help them. Then they will see your CTA, which turns them from a visitor into a lead.

We Offer Free Website Checkups

Do you want to learn what is holding your website back from being successful? Having a call to action is just the start of it. We can give you a deep examination of your dental website to help you get the information you need to make a marketing plan.

We provide many services to help improve your online presence. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you fill up your appointment books, please reach out to us right away to request a free consultation with our senior dental marketing consultant.

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