You need to pay attention to your online presence if you want to survive in a competitive dental market. A survey done by Pew showed that 72% of people went to the internet to find health care providers. That is a lot of people who could potentially come to you for their dental care needs. When you prioritize your dental web design, you are making it easier for these potential patients to find you.

What Can Dental Web Design Do for Your Practice?

When we put together a website, we aim to get your views, clicks, calls, and appointments to increase. We do not want to see you lose patients to lesser dental practices that have better websites. When you submit a request for us to do a free website checkup, we can tell you what your website is in need of in order to be more successful.

Our dental marketing company provides in-depth service for your website to start actually bringing in new clients for your dental practice. We can set up your website with a variety of services that can help you.

What Makes a Website Successful?

When people come across a website for a dentist near them, and their website is not attractive, hard to use, or does not provide very much information, it can turn them away from reaching out. You want people to stay on your website, not just click away.

We do that by making a website that looks great, teaches your visitors something about the treatment that they need/want, and invites them to reach out to you to get an appointment set up.

We work to make sure that your website is a standout against the rest of your competition.

A lot of website visitors are going to be using their phones to find you. For that reason, we offer a click-to-call option that makes it much more likely for them to actually reach out. All they need to do is touch where your phone number appears. They do not have to even type out your number or try to dig around for it. It will be in plain sight for them.

Because there will be a lot of people using their phones to look up dental practices near them, we need to update your website for that. A lot of dental practices do not have their website optimized for mobile use so they become hard to use which can limit the number of people who are likely to reach out. They will simply click away to find a website that is easier for them to use.

Another thing that sets a website apart is having live chat. People are online at all hours of the day. They want to be able to reach out to a business 24/7 which makes our 24/7 live chat a great tool. This will help you collect their contact information at all hours of the day without having your emergency staff members having to tie up their phone line with non-emergencies.

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