ProSites Marketing Services Review

As a dentist or other dental professional, you would probably rather be spending your time seeing and helping patients than worrying about setting up your website or posting on social media. That’s why many dentists seek the help of marketing agencies such as ProSites.

ProSites provides marketing services to dentists and dental offices. The company provides a wide range of marketing solutions and strives to create a good customer experience. However, there are mixed reviews about whether the company accomplishes these goals.

Keep reading below to learn more about ProSites and whether they are the right dental marketing agency for you.

What is ProSites?

ProSites was founded in 2003 by Lance McCollough who recognized that there weren’t enough marketing agencies dedicated to helping dentists and dental offices.

In addition to traditional marketing services, ProSites was the first dental website design agency that provided its clients with a content management system (CMS) (think WordPress) that allowed dentists to make changes to their own websites with a point-and-click system.

In 2017, ProSites acquired PracticeMojo, which provides dentists with automated patient communications, such as appointment reminders.

Today, ProSites tries to provide clients with marketing solutions tailored to their business and customer service to help them along the way.

What dental marketing services does ProSites offer?

ProSites offers the following marketing solutions for dentists:

  • Web design, branding, and custom designs
  • Search engine optimization and backlinking
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Social media management and Facebook ads
  • Video marketing
  • Reputation marketing

ProSites offers a range of dental websites that includes pre-designed templates customized to match your branding and needs as well as fully custom designs. ProSites’ CMS allows you to build your own website, or you can receive help from the ProSites team.

Some of the features that can be included with a ProSites website are reputation marketing (which can help you get more positive customer reviews), dental marketing content, a before-and-after photo gallery, lead capture forms, HIPAA-compliant forms, and more.

ProSites’ SEO management strategy revolves around local SEO practices that are meant to help your website rank higher on search engines, such as using keywords like “dentist in (your city)”. ProSites will include these keywords in your general website content as well as other marketing content, such as blogs and landing pages.

In addition, ProSites provides SEO clients with a monthly report that shows how well your website is performing regarding algorithm updates and search trends. ProSites also helps dentists get backlinks to their website from reputable sites.

If you choose to have ProSites manage your social media, the company can set up a branded Facebook page, post regularly, and engage with your audience. When you upgrade to the elite social media management, ProSites will also create custom landing pages and lead captures to track the success of your social media ad campaigns.

While you can receive just one service or product from ProSites, the company also provides four different levels of marketing packages that you can choose from.

The lowest-level package includes a basic website and premium social media management, while the highest-level package includes a semi-custom website, premium social media management, elite SEO, and PPC advertising.

How much does ProSites cost?

Unfortunately, most marketing agencies don’t list their prices directly on their websites, which is also true for ProSites. However, some customer reviews give an estimate of how much the company charges. For example, one review stated that their dental practice had to pay around $600 per month for a customized SEO strategy.

While this is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing agencies, the same review also stated that they had seen little-to-no benefit for the money they had to spend. In addition, many reviews cite that ProSites charges them without permission, for failed services, and with no refunds.

With that being said, the amount you have to pay for marketing services often depends on the size of your business, how much work needs to be done, and how often you want updates or performance checks.

What do customers think of ProSites?

While you will be able to find some positive reviews from ProSites customers, there are also negative reviews that highlight some concerning behaviors and actions from ProSites and its employees.

First, your level of customer service may depend strongly on who you work with on any given day. Therefore, some representatives may be helpful, while others may be unhelpful or rude. In addition, there may be instances where it is difficult to contact ProSites customer service, such as if you are trying to cancel your services or get a refund.

Second, there are many customers who state that they didn’t receive any benefit from using ProSites’ services, especially when it comes to SEO. Since ProSites focuses more on design and aesthetics, they may not put as much effort into the SEO aspects of your website, causing you to stay stagnant or even decrease in the search rankings.

In addition, ProSites uses design and content templates. This can result in cookie-cutter style websites with content that is duplicated across many different websites, which can cause search engines to decrease your rankings. When we analyzed one of ProSites’ client websites, we found that the content was 100% copied across 88 different websites.

Finally, ProSites does not offer exclusivity to its clients, meaning the ProSites team will gladly work with both you and your competitors, causing a conflict of interest.

Is ProSites the right dental marketing agency for you?

If you’re a dentist or dental office looking for help with your online marketing, you may be considering ProSites. While ProSites may be able to help build you a basic website, you aren’t likely to see any large returns on your investment as the company claims.

Other marketing companies may be able to provide you with a more customized design as well as a more in-depth SEO strategy that helps get you seen.

Overall, ProSites may not be the best option for dentists who need thorough marketing assistance that is worth the money they are putting into it.

If you’re looking for help with website designs, SEO, social media management, and other marketing solutions, contact Accelerate Dental Marketing today. We’ll be happy to handle your marketing needs while you focus on helping patients. Schedule your free consultation today.

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